All Forex participants have equal rights.

Same rules apply to everyone, not depending on the amount of their balance.

Each Trader can perform trade transactions with the same price everywhere in the world.
Leverage provides high income.

We provide 1:100 leverage which allows you to trade with more than 100 volume of your available funds.

Your profit is 100 times higher now.
Variety of trading tools.

Forex allows you to trade in oil, gold, silver, stock indices

and shares as well as the currencies of the different countries.
There is no need to search for the buyer or seller at Forex.

There is always a buyer and seller for the financial instrument that you work with.

It is very easy to trade at Forex.
Proper forecasts lead to big prospects.

Future price trend forecasts are always possible due to the

Technical and Fundamental analysis methods of the financial instruments.

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